Children's Book Services:

Manuscript Editing

Complete line-by-line editing of each manuscript to:
  • clarify, tighten, & focus the story
  • develop & strengthen plot, pacing, & characterization
  • eliminate cliche, hyperbole, & redundancies
  • enhance the individuality & fluidity of the writing
  • support the author with a warm & tactful approach

Editing of Query & Submission Letters also offered. 

Manuscript Evaluation &/or Art Evaluation

Written evaluation of plot, characterization, pacing,
structure, & grammar, with specific advice on how to
polish & strengthen the work. The Art Evaluation critiques
the content & style of the illustrations or mock-up dummy.

Children's Book Informational Guides

A selection of valuable reference guides, providing
a comprehensive overview of children's book publishing
& writing, including these individual guides:
  • USA Literary Agencies Who Rep Children’s Books (Picture Books, Middle Grades, & YAs)
  • Children’s Book Submission Process to Literary Agencies & Publishers
  • Children’s Book Submission Steps in a Nutshell
  • Sample Children’s Book Submission Letter Templates
  • Contracts / Advances / Royalties
  • Children's Book Illustrators Seeking Illustration Work
  • USA Self-Publishers

Children's Book Publishing Advice / Q&A Answers

  • Advice / answers to children’s book questions

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Theodore Butler

Mary Cassatt